Guest Blogging

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March 20, 2011

Earlier this week I was invited for the very first time ever to contribute an piece to someone else's blog. The someone else is a wonderfully talented woman called Cathy Kozak whom I met through the writers' forum SheWrites. I think Cathy's the best because she reads all my blog entries and leaves me hilarious comments. (I'm taking this opportunity to thank all the other lovely people who stop by.)

My contribution was to form part of a series called Letters from the Edge. First I was incredibly flattered. Then I freaked out about having to write to a brief and a deadline. Then I freaked out some more about living up to Cathy's expectations. Then I sat down and wrote it.

My brief was to write a letter to/from a character that I had previously played. I knew right away that I would write a letter to Mary, my first and best character ever. As a thank you for her being such good acting juju - and as she'd led a very tough life - I used the letter to transform Mary's life into a fairytale - the metaphorical equivalent of hitting the jackpot.

Every time someone reads that letter, it makes Mary's new life that little bit more real. So if you want, please have a look by clicking here.