Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I'm a month away from being a year older.

February 4 is not special to me in any way other than that it is a month to the day before March 4. That's my birthday, as well as my Dad's birthday. And I still have the same feelings of anticipation and glee associated with it as I did as a child. I love my birthday!

So I've started the day on a high. Brimming with good intentions and plans for the day. For one, I got started on the showreel (I'm dropping the material off to the editor later on today).

Things to do. People to see. Ta da.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

I've sprung a leak

After a well-earned January break, I'm back at the blog-face.

Typically, I've picked the snowiest day in 18 years to return to form. It's a contrarian move: most people are staying home from work so I'm being productive.


So far today, I've made breakfast for two (stewed apples and yoghurt, and porridge), vacuumed twice (the electrician stopped by - more on that later), gone grocery shopping, writen some letters and mailed them, ironed, made lunch for two (beans and tomatoes), taken some pictures of East London "sous neige" for my French niece, checked email, updated my CV on Spotlight, made several cups of tea, done laundry, called the travel agent, and it's only 2:30!!I'm also planning to go to yoga class later.

This level of productivity can only mean one thing: procrastination. This time, it's about updating my showreel and drafting some letters to casting directors.

Now back to the electrician. He stopped by because our neighbours' bath drained into our false ceiling last week (at 10 o'clock at night) and water was dripping through the spotlights. All over the flat. It was a fine dramatic moment. We even had the firefighters in. Anyway, a week later the electrician has given us the all clear and we can now use the lights rather than taking showers by torch light. It did wonders to my self esteem though, not being able to see myself properly for a week. And you can really find some very flattering angles when you're lit up by flash light...

So here's a belated toast to the ushering in of 2009. May it bring you peace, prosperity and happiness.