Wednesday, 4 February 2009

I'm a month away from being a year older.

February 4 is not special to me in any way other than that it is a month to the day before March 4. That's my birthday, as well as my Dad's birthday. And I still have the same feelings of anticipation and glee associated with it as I did as a child. I love my birthday!

So I've started the day on a high. Brimming with good intentions and plans for the day. For one, I got started on the showreel (I'm dropping the material off to the editor later on today).

Things to do. People to see. Ta da.

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Oscar Grillo said...

Many happy returns!!!...Now, then...What DID the actress said to the Bishop?

I imagine something like: "Move over, Darling, The Rook is coming!"

A big kiss