Thursday, 24 September 2009

The things wot I done the sights wot I seen

It's been a while, I know. Well, I've been busy. I have! Why didn't you write me?

Did you at least miss me? Wondered where I'd got to? If I'd ever come back?

Chances are no one noticed. A full month sans blogging - and nada.

Ah well, since you ask, since you're silently begging me to reveal all, I'll tell what I've been up to.

It all started with a wonderfully glorious bank holiday weekend with P&M in West Sussex where we were treated to Rusalka at the Glyndebourne Opera Festival (you know, the one where the leading lady famously tripped and fell into the orchestra pit - the week before we saw her), homegrown vegetables and fruit (we took home bags of the stuff - I even made rhubarb jam for the first time), and the company of two adorable miniature Dachshund. It was English summer at its best. Pure Julian Fellowes.

Then we went to Lords' Cricket Ground and saw our first One Day International (England vs. Australia and the Aussies' won!). That was fun too except it was so unexpectedly cold and breezy. Caught a slight chill actually, but it was well worth it.

The following week we were treated to The Mysteries at the Garrick Theatre, by Cape Town theatre company Isango Portobello . We loved it, the Archbishop of Canterbury loved it (he was there, I saw him. Dog collar and all). Don't miss it. In the meantime, here's a little snippet of modern anthropology for you: had a full row of American, middle aged, Church going ladies in front of us - sharing a bag of Bassett's winegums and a full row of kids watching the show in the row behind us. Kids had NO IDEA who or what the Archbishop of Canterbury was. Never even heard of him. Didn't ring any bells. By the way, The Garrick sells some mean chocolate ice cream at intermission, with flecks of dark chocolate mixed in. Yum. (Why the religious theme do I hear you ask? The Mysteries is a medieval play based on Bible Stories. Now you know.)

Then last Saturday got treated to some ColdPlay tickets at Wembley. We really enjoyed Jay-Z! He was amazing. It was amazing. Wembley I mean. First time there. Not just at the new arena, I mean first time at Wembley ever. Only been in London for 10 years (me not Wembley). Actually, it was my first concert in a while... did you know that those giant screens either side of the stage now have crystal clear resolution? No more pixelating! I need to go out more... Oh, and we showed up at Gate B and the man on the door said "you look to me like you have ClubWembley seats", glanced at the tickets and added "yep! it's over that way. Really good tickets." We didn't even know we had Club Wembley tickets. We didn't know what Club Wembley was. It's the posh bit. Where industry types and corporates hang out. They sell strawberries and champagne in the posh bar. We just had water from the main counter (no tap, £2 a bottle decanted into a plastic cup). And the other good bit was that we'd checked the weather forecast so we had our rain gear ready for when it started raining. And raining. And pelting down with rain at the start of the ColdPlay set. It was well dry in the Club Wembley bit though. But the rain gear kept us dry on the walk back to the Tube stop.

So that's my excuse for being - well - absent in the blog sense of the word. Blogsent? Ablogsent?

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