Friday, 30 October 2009

Be quiet! I am too beautiful to talk to you...

... preferably said in a comedy Russian/dodgy old Duchess Eastern European accent.

This is a subject I often revisit. Why is it that physical beauty is not always matched by kindness and generosity? Why did Mother Teresa and Naomi Campbell look the way they did/do (albeit at 100 for Mother Teresa) and act the way they did/do?

Does the universe have some kind of rule that a human being can only really really good or really really beautiful?

It's a puzzle to me. That said, the rule also seems to apply to fame and power. As well as some of the try-hard upmarket hotel staff and football players. (But who wants to talk to them?)

I think it may be linked to a deep seated insecurity. I think it's a shame.

Me, I'd rather talk to Mother Teresa any day. Directly or via a medium.

Maybe beautiful people are not meant to be talked to, only looked at, from afar. In religious silence. Or preferably with adverted eyes.

Maybe they think we're all paparrazzi? Maybe they have tickets on themselves? Maybe they think we common mortals have nothing to offer and can only be on the take?

I say, wakey wakey, your looks will go, your power will fade, your fame will disappear... and then, you will be nothing but an empty hollow shell, and you will drift, like tumble weed in the Western Desert.

So hop off your tabloid pedestal, relinquish your self imposed exile and join the party.

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