Thursday, 19 November 2009

The film what I was almost the star in

Last year, I auditionned for an American feature film. It was to play the lead. I got a recall. Then I went to Edinburgh to do my one woman show.

The film has been made. Without me obviously. Guess who is playing "my" part? Milla Jovovich.

That's right, the ex-model, ex-wife of Jean-Luc Besson, face of L'Oreal and all around leggy big eyed beauty.

Nice to know one's casting type.

The film was called something else at the time but it's been released as The 4th Kind. I saw the trailer on TV and the ads on the sides of London buses. Here's the trailer:

I'm not sure it would have got its international release if I'd been in it so I'm glad I helped in my own small way by letting Milla play the lead.

I've taken a strange pride in this film. I'll even go and see it. It's a thriller/sci-fi/horror film about alien abduction and strange goings-on. And it got me/Milla playing the lead.

It's a very odd phenomenon. I get it with TV commercials too. The ones I auditioned for but didn't get: when they're finally shown on television, I feel strangely proprietary.

Here's to Milla and all the acting opportunities... because we're worth it.

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