Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm a people whisperer

This morning, I had a nice chat with a lady in her bathing suit. It's a bit of a contradiction for a self-confessed introvert but lately I have found myself randomly engaging total strangers into conversation.

Take the lady in her bathing suit for example. It's not quite as strange as it sounds, we were in the changing rooms at my gym, and she was putting on some contact lenses before going for a swim. We talked for quite a while, mostly about eye wear, it turns out that she too has rather arrid eyeballs (if only I would sweat less and have wetter eyeballs - but we each have our cross to bear) and that she only wears contacts (hard ones, gas permeable) once a week to swim and for ballet class. She was very kind, at a guess a few years older than me, and we were the only ones there. She had one of those soft voices and gentle vibe. I liked her. Very much. Then she went for a swim and I went running and that was the end of that.

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Cathy Kozak said...

LOL! I love this le vignette, it is so immediate and opportune. In fact I love the entire premise and between you and I, sometimes prefer this sort of spontaneous interaction to the tried, true and predictable. Recently, I had an astonishing conversation with a cashier at the local grocery who confessed to having had an illegitimate child 30 years ago, when she was 15 and illegitimacy was a shameful issue it thankfully isn't today. The poor thing went into great detail, telling me she had the baby on a Friday and went back to high school on the Monday, breast milk leaking all over her blouse. And oh my, you wouldn't believe the disgruntled crowd in the line-up behind me!