Thursday, 11 December 2008

I lost my crown

We shot the ad today. The shoot was literally a ten minute walk from my house which was great as my call was at 7:30 in the morning.

It was pretty much what I expected: shoddy make-up, really shoddy costume, and a 10 hour day to shoot 3 sentences.

Still, they were all very nice people. And the food was unusually good. And they had a great fruit basket.

But the day was far from uneventful: I lost a crown! biting into a particularly dry and hard drumstick. Serves me right for eating candy. Dentist can't see me till tomorrow morning.

But, I am a very lucky girl: 1. I had root canal surgery on that tooth so there are no live nerves and NO PAIN. 2. It is a back molar so you can't see the gap when I speak or smile - otherwise I would have lost the gig! Can't have a toothless phone operator flogging your brand!!

So I shot the whole thing minus one tooth, looking like hell, but in relative comfort. Thank goodness for small mercies...

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