Thursday, 11 December 2008

On the casting couch

The call came in last night from my agent. "You've got an audition for an advert on December 4th at 11 o'clock." Actually, they didn't call, they now have this snazzy email system with all the details written on it and you just have to reply to the email to say you'll be there.

So I found myself in a rather drafty reception in Soho this morning, waiting my turn. You can tell a lot from the type of production and how much they're likely to pay (my agent never tells me how much until I get the job...) If they're disorganised and running behind schedule, it's not a good sign. They were running 1/2 hour late (not that they told us... we figured it out for ourselves) and committing the cardinal sin of not following the call order that the actors had been given. So it was pandemonium and rising tension. (With some PMT thrown in for good measure - at least on my part!) Oh, they also didn't have enough scripts to go round...

It finally got to my turn, did my thing. They seemed to like me. Thought I had a Southern Irish lilt. Which is news to me as I can't seem to be able to do an Irish accent without sounding Pakistani. But they seemed quite keen! So chances are I'll probably get it... apparently they'll be picking 3 of us.

I guess fingers crossed. The money will probably be so-so. But it's Christmas and it's a job so if I get it, I'll be glad and grateful.

It's so ironic that I spent the last 3 weeks agonising about when my next audition would be and then one comes along and my gratitude is nowhere to be found... That's actors for you. Wingeing and ungrateful bunch that we are. I hope we don't get made redundant by technology before I'm nominated for an Academy Award!

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