Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I finally get to play French... but she's a prostitute.

And she's a plump one (it's in the script.)!

Never mind that. Bring on the pasta... I have just been cast by uber-casting director Nina Gold in Channel 4's four part adaptation of William Boyd's novel Any Human Heart.

More specifically, I have been cast as Severine, a "French plump provincial prostitute" to play opposite the brilliant Jim Broadbent.

I am very excited. (Yes. really.)

My agent called as Nina was concerned that I may have some issues with being half naked on camera. I've asked him to reassure her on that front. I'm sure I'll manage. (Some habits die hard.)

I haven't mentioned my rather avant garde new hair style to them but I'm sure hair and make-up will have some wigs or hair pieces at hand to make me look suitably naf.

Did I mention that I was rather excited?

Any Human heart will air in 2011 on Channel 4. Apparently it's been partly funded by the cancellation of Big Brother.


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