Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Who wears the pants in this outfit?

This post is for the girls really. Unless you're a guy with a Panty Fetish, or just curious. This is about thongs and regular pants (undies for you Americans... not trousers) and their role and function in an active woman's life.

I for one am a fan of thongs, ever since I discovered them age 18 (late bloomer). Why? I have two words for you: panty lines. Not a good look! Up there with double boobs, camel toes, builders bums, muffin tops and other sartorial taboos. For trouser wearing women, thongs are a godsend. No more fabric riding up with every step, no more panty lines, all the advantages of going comando but without the ick! factor. In other words: freedom!

But they have a downside. Comfort does not always mean attractive. It takes really good genes, and a lot of work at the gym to look good in a thong from the back. I don't think that they are a particular favourite in the bedroom. Sexy thong is an oxymoron.

Still, you can't beat them for day wear. Or can you? Some women have a real aversion to them. As one of my sisters puts it: "Why would you want a piece of fabric riding up your bum?" Ironically, she is one of the chosen few who would actually look good in a thong from the back.

I wear thongs whenever I can. I have a variety of colours and models to match any bra and occasion. White lacy ones, cotton ones with big pastel polka dots and blue trim (very on trend), black ones...

...I guess now that I've invited you into my underwear drawer we might as well take the guided tour. I also have undies with more coverage for that sexy bedroom look, some cute and girlie almond green lace low slung ones from Monsoon Accessorize (a present from my dear friend Adanna) - which incidentally seem to be the ideal combination of comfort/no pantylines and attractive from the back - and some plain black cotton panties: low slung but with good coverage.

What on earth are they for? They are for my yoga classes. What can I say, wear a thong to yoga and be prepared to strangle yourself... The thong has its limits, and yoga is one of them. Ignore this at your peril.

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