Tuesday, 9 February 2010

We are not a-muse-d!

Can you be your own Muse or is that one egocentric step too far? At any rate, I'm feeling pretty inspired this morning.

I just had an email from the agent of an up-and-coming writer who is interested in discussing my new stage play - code name: The Lusty Lady. I can't really say much about it as it's at the protozoic stage right now (ie large group of single-celled, usually microscopic, eukaryotic organisms, such as amoebas, ciliates, flagellates, and sporozoans) but it's exciting!

Now all I need is an A-list star, a producer, a top Fringe location, a director et VOILA! As I said, it's all very exciting. So watch this space.

Now for something completely unrelated.

Some people match their names. I had a sports teacher called Melle Ballon (Miss Ball) and a chemistry teacher called Mme Chalumeau (Mrs. Blowpipe). Grace Coddington is one of those people. She's Fashion Director at US Vogue and I discovered her existence late Sunday night watching The September Issue - the documentary about Vogue and its editor in chief Anna Wintour. Grace is grace under pressure, grace in the face of rampant commercialism, grace in the face of the cult of celebrity. She comes alive when she spots something beautiful, and she does seem to find beauty in many places - a deserted French garden on a dreary windy winters day, even in the pudgy tummies of cameramen. With her long flaming red hair and her flat shoes that cannot disguise her ex-model height, she is the last link between art and fashion. She likes Couture. She likes the unexpected. She likes soft colours and lighting. She dresses the models herself. She works with fashion photographers who know that in a fashion magazine, the clothes are the stars. I think she's wonderful.

No wonder I'm feeling inspired.

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