Monday, 14 June 2010

Look at Me!!

This morning, I found a personal invitation to join fashion social network Lookville in my inbox. It's an American site that is quirky, quite girly, and altogether rather charming with fashion tips, opinions and feedback on your style if you ask for it! Although most of it is very constructive, some of it is deliciously biting:

Example: "What do you think of people who draw fake moles." "Desperate."

Ouch! But so true...

Anyway, the site is by invitation only, the email said VERY NICE things about my blog (both in terms of content and appearance) and I thought  that after years of being a closet Gok fan (if you don't know him, check him out, he's the coolest British stylist ever and so inspirational to women of all ages, sizes and shapes! - there, I've said it)  it would be nice to officially join the sisterhood of fashionista navel gazers.

So Lookville, here I come!

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