Thursday, 17 June 2010

Stop it or you'll go blind!

Another rehearsal last night for Desire (the play what I'm in July 13-31 at the White Bear Theatre, London  click here). It involved pretending to play chess on an invisible board (neither one of us actually knows how to play), crying (me), giggling (me and her - because she found a second (rude) meaning to a section of the scene we were working on), and the director giving us heartbreaking circumstances around which to improvise (hence the crying - from me mainly but I think they were getting pretty close to a tear too).

In between we had breaks involving banana and bread rolls (the director), sandwiches, and chewing gum (me - I'm still on the Dukan Diet - I had some steak when I got home. Yum!!) and a very funny anecdote about someone's bed squeaks revealing their nocturnal activities and keeping people awake.

This morning, after a night of interrupted sleep, I feel slighlty light headed and out of myself - as if the character I'm developing was pushing me off my centre. It'll pass once we find a way of both settling inside like two peas in a pod. That's the plan at any rate!

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