Friday, 11 June 2010

You say World Cup I say Hot Pants!

I am wearing hot pants. No, not knickers still toasty warm from the dryer. Proper short shorts aka hot pants. They are white with cute pastel mini horizontal stripes (which officially no longer make us look bigger than we are). They're from Just Jeans and I bought them in Manly (cool North Sydney surfing beach/community) two years ago (I needed a pair of undies and that's all I could find -- it's a long story.)

Ok. So I'm not wearing them on the street. I'm wearing them in the privacy of my own home which means non one can see me other than the pervy architects across the way and the mystery tennants on the top floor above them. Oh and anyone walking through the NCP car park.

I've paired it up with a "hello boys" bra under an American Apparel yellow T, (because it matches the yellow stripes EXACTLY) and some knee high socks (beigy grey textured pattern) and my pink slippers - just because.

Why? Because that Dukan Diet is working and Zumba is working, and believe it or not, cellulite can disappear. And the sun is out!

By the way,  I'll be cheering for France, Spain, the UK, the US and Brazil (and the Aussies if they're playing).

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