Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dressing up the Dolly

Last night, at the start of our rehearsal for DESIRE, the designer came to show us the set and to discuss wardrobe. His name is Mike Lees and he is extraordinarily talented as well as deliciously waspish. I didn't even mind that he turned down my request to be dressed in the white and red latex nun outfit that Lady Gaga sports in her latest video "Alejandro" http://ladygaga.wikia.com/wiki/Alejandro_(music_video) - without even considering it. As I said, he is fabulously talented and besides his idea for my outfit is WAY better. I'm not saying anything else about it. You'll have to come and see the show for yourselves. But WOW. If we (I) can pull it off. Everybody elses costume ideas are lovely but... that's all I'm saying.

Then rehearsal proper got underway. It was the three hander scene at the beginning of Act 3 which we hadn't worked on before. As always at the start of a session I felt slightly like a fish out of water, out of synch, just not very good. And then the magic started to happen, we worked the scene this way and that, stretching space and time, and all of a sudden: BOOOM! The text started to take on a completely different and far more exciting meaning. It came alive and we came alive and there it was... pure magic!

Still lots of work to do and choices to make but now we know what direction to explore for that particular scene.

So onwards and upwards. And wait till you see my outfit!

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