Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Shall I call her?

Procrastination is a bad thing. In the end. Like all bad things, it starts off rather prominsingly. Procrastination has seen me sustain prolongued bursts of productivity - house cleaning, nail polishing, grocery shopping... But in the end, when everything is tidied away and spic and span you have to face up to it. It. The thing you've been procrastinating about. Worked your way around. It's left standing in the middle of the living room. All dusty and unpolished. For everyone to see.

So what am I procrastinating about today? I have a phone call to make. I've had the number for 2 weeks. I have to call this nice lady. Well, I suppose she's nice: an equally nice lady gave me her number. Why am I procrastinating? I'm afraid. Of what? Of being rejected, or regarded with suspicion, or worse, seen as a time waster. Is this likely? I don't know. Past experience tells me that it is. What's the upside? Of calling her? YES! It could boost my acting career.

I'm going to go and call her right now!

Well I called. And got the answer phone. Which means I'll have to call again - probably later on this afternoon. Although people don't return calls in the Industry (It's all left to chance. And good old fashion doggedness.) I want to give her the chance to return my call otherwise I might come across as pushy. God forbid!!

I'll keep you posted.

She called me back! Right away too. And she was LOVELY. Turns out she is having lunch today with the other nice lady who introduced me to her (there are no coincidences in the Greater Universe - it all happens for a reason) and they will put their lovely heads together.

Now it's time to file my taxes. I'm on a roll. Try and stop me.

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